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Office Protocols:

Keeping the office clean and safe is my priority.  I want this space to be inviting, comfortable, warm, and engaging for both your mind and body.  I have invested in 2 AirDoctor HEPA /carbon air purifiers for my office which cycle the entire square footage of my office air space in under 15 minutes.  Each appointment is one-on-one so there will never be more than 2 or 3 patients in this space at a time.  I clean all equipment utilized between appointments, and I ask everyone to take off their shoes before entering the space (this reduces dirt and grime tracked in off the streets), unless someone is currently having foot pain in which case I allow shoes worn in.  I offer masks at the front door if you forgot one as well as multiple choices in hand-sanitizer and wipes.  I devote time every weekend to come in and deep clean (dust/vacuum/sanitize) the entire office as well as water the many plants I've become a mother to.  I pride myself on being a perfectionist, even if it means my free time goes to the office.  Luckily, my office and career are able to be my priority (of course my fury babies are also at the top of that list).  If you have concerns about anything, please don't hesitate to reach out.  


Scheduling Information:

Online Scheduling is now available for established patients!  If you are interested in this option but can't access this yet, let Dr.J know and she will send you a "user" request for you to set up your password and online access.

Not accepting new patients at the moment.

Please read the following guidelines to book your appointment online, or feel free to call / text / email Dr. Janeen to schedule.

New Patients must book through Dr.Janeen for the first appointment.  If you have more than 1 area to address please plan to schedule a 90 minute appt.  More complex medical histories should lean toward a 120 min appt.

Established Patients may book 30, 60, 90, or 120 minute appts at their leisure. Typically 60 min appointments are most commonly utilized and recommended.  

Please book at the top of the hour or in half hour increments, and your booking may be subject to change if it interferes with the flow of the day (ie, appts must line up back to back in order to get everyone in).


If you don't see an available time that limits you from coming in, please contact Dr.J directly and she will do her best to accommodate you. 


She has been trying to work "emergency appts" into her availability in the case someone needs a last minute options, but this is not a perfect science yet so please don't wait to the last minute to try to get in.  


Cold Laser and/or Taping only appointments can be scheduled at 15 minute intervals and are available by booking directly through Dr.Janeen.

Far-infrared Sauna appts can be booked directly through Dr.J - these are typically 30 minutes and can be purchased in a package of 6 or a single session at a time.  Once scheduled, Dr.J will turn on the sauna 30 minutes before your session to warm it to your desired temperature. You will be trained how to use the sauna and all it's options so you may simply come in at your scheduled time and leave when your session is complete.  No need to check in or out with Dr.Janeen (though she will likely say hello!).

Pulsar Pro appts will be offered soon!  This is an exciting frequency therapy that can tackle chronic fatigue, pain, bacterial/viral/parasite infections, neuropathy, inflammation, lymphatic/circulation issues, boost healing and immune function, and much much more!  Ask Dr. Janeen if your interested in how this could help you.

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