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About Dr. Janeen

Dr. Janeen Hulbert is extremely passionate about her work and continues to learn as many techniques possible that enable her to provide lasting alignments and prolonged health benefits to a wide range of people.  Her diverse background allows her to bring extensive knowledge and perspective to each patient, and she provides a comfortable, supportive, and fun atmosphere in her office.  

Meet Lily
~ the official office greeter and support dog ~
Unique Services


Balance Back Chiropractic offers a unique and thorough approach to overall health.  This is not your typical Chiropractic office, so if your more akin to quick adjustments and short appointment times, this is not the office for you.  Each patient typically gets a full hour with the doctor (1-on-1) and this could involve some or all of Dr. Janeen's techniques at one set price with no surprise add-ons or fees.  Every body is different and no treatments are exactly alike.  This frees up Dr. J from having to limit her expertise and approach each visit.  

Adjustments are achieved in a gentle and long-lasting manner.  The goal is not to release gas from a joint (cavitate) but instead to balance the relationship with all tissues involved in and around a joint.  Sometimes a manual adjustment is necessary to break up a held pattern in the body, but often that is not the only way to do so.  


Diversified Techniques include:

~ Decompression / Traction therapy, Gentle Manual Adjustments, Activator, Drop table, Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC technique), Sacro-occipital Technique (SOT)

~ Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Graston, Myofascial Cupping, Gua Sha, IASTM

~ Cold Laser (Class 3B, Level 4)

~ Infrared Sauna

~ Pulsar Pro Frequency Therapy

Cutting Edge Movement Therapies:

~ ELDOA - Certified Trainer Level 4 (less than 200 practitioners worldwide)

~ Myofascial Stretching (very different than stretching)

~ Foundation Training Certified 

~ Somatraining certified in various techniques such as segmental strengthening, Osteoarticular Pumping, and Strapping techniques

Book an Appointment


To book an appointment, you can call or text 828-585-5377, or send an email to


Dr. Janeen keeps a full schedule, so please allow a 3-5 days for her to get back to you.


Currently, as of January 2022, Dr. Janeen is not accepting new patients.  Feel free to jump on her waitlist for when she is open to accepting new patients.  


All appointments will be held at:

2 Weaverville Rd, Suite 103

Woodfin, NC 28804

Within Beaver Lake Shops in North Asheville just past Beaver Lake and across from Newbridge Tire.

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